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Our Small White Cattle with a big green Future

GOLD CREEK GALLOWAY Cattle Stud - Miniature Whites

Gold Creek 5

Are you looking for absolutely gorgeous miniature cattle  -  we have some!  

Located on the Sunshine Coast in SE Queensland, Australia, our stunning full blood and purebred Miniature White Galloway cattle are born and bred for the hobby farmer and the first-time livestock owner who want paddock pets.  They are also suitable for the show ring competitor and Animal Assisted Therapy workers. We breed Galloways for the pure joy of it.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it White Galloways - Not your ordinary cattlegold tick 3GOLD CREEK - Not your ordinary cattle breeders 

Our cattle are extremely docile, beautiful and incredibly hardy. We are first-time livestock owners, and our cattle have taught us nearly everything we know about miniature cattle - nearly. We breed registered full blood and purebred Miniature White Galloway cattle. Good looks aside, more and more people are very impressed by their sustainability credentials. Their smaller frame and good foraging abilities are also making the Galloway highly sought after for their more environmentally friendly footprint alone. Seeing is believing:youtube-64

The integrity of our herd is of paramount importance to us. Chosen for their genetic excellence, our stud cattle must have sweet temperaments, solid conformation and high fertility. The fact that they are small and gorgeous is just a happy bonus. We source only the best genetics and the most diverse bloodlines. Our cows must pass a rigorous selection process for breeding. Our bulls are carefully chosen and must be registered or listed, and DNA tested. The DNA testing of any GOLD CREEK herd member is welcomed.

Our calf adoption program supports farm animal shelters, sanctuaries and rescue organisations in AustraliaAdoptions include a special invitation to visit your adopted calf whenever you like (within reason - no beds in the paddock!)

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Check it out. When the Totally WILD team came to GOLD CREEK, they loved our 'Totally TAME' cattle.

GOLD CREEK Galloway Stud Cattle

GOLD CREEK Galloway cattle are small, absolutely beautiful and very, very user-friendly. Our herd members are all handled every single day, many individuals from the day they are born. Our cows and calves are rarely separated from one another, which allows us to enjoy the wonder of the 'whole herd' experience. We breed extremely quiet cattle.

Just imagine yourself enjoying:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  Gorgeous, non-selective grazers that like to be handled.   

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  Highly fertile bulls and cows that will calve well into their teenage years and then some.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Small cattle that are highly sought after by couples, families, pet buyers and other breeders.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  Good mothers that calve unassisted and remain a low maintenance addition to your property. 

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GOLD CREEK Galloways are Show Ring Performers

Established Galloway breeders are coming to GOLD CREEK to purchase their show ring performers now. So, it is not just first-timer livestock owners coming to us for their cattle anymore - we have come a long way.

Kincaide show ring

Our cattle have always been ideal for first-time livestock owners, but now we have established breeders coming to us looking for well-bred cattle to improve their herd and for show ring performers too. GOLD CREEK cattle are proving themselves to have more than just the good looks and docile temperament that built our reputation. Our cattle are performing well in the show ring, and the paddock for other stud breeders too and we couldn't be happier. Read more

GOLD CREEK Kincaide - Royal Canberra Show 2015.

OUR Adoption Mascot Banjo

   banjo no bg

Banjo and his sister Huggie are limited edition custom plush Miniature White Galloway mascots. They are also two of the characters featured in the stories on our new website for kids

Animal Assisted Therapy Cows


Miniature Cattle for Animal Assisted Therapy - why not? GOLD CREEK is fast becoming the 'go to' stud for paddock pets, companion cows and AAT co-workers ... read more 

Beautiful Show Ring Performers

Kincaide show ring 2015

GOLD CREEK Kincaide performed very well for his first time out in the show ring at the 2015 Royal Canberra Show. New owners Marg ... Read more

Seriously Quiet Small Cattle


Quiet cattle are easier to manage.  Extremely quiet cattle are even easier to manage and more enjoyable to own. Read more...

Gold Creek Galloway Cattle Are The Perfect Choice For First Time Livestock Owners - They are Simply a Joy to Own

Miniature White Galloway Cattle Have more of the cute factor than most

Few cattle perform as well as a Miniature White Galloway, make it look so easy and look so good while they are doing it. Galloway cows calve unassisted, are great mothers and their calves are so cute it is ridiculous.

gold tick 3 Absolutely gorgeous - but not high maintenance.

gold tick 3 Docile and love being handled - but don't need a lot of attention.

gold tick 3 Good mothers that calve unassisted - but very protective of calves.   

Ideal for first-time livestock owners because first-time livestock owners want  all of the above and then some. We encourage first-time livestock owners to learn more about our GOLD CREEK Miniature White Galloway cattle. If two women with no prior experience can do it - so can you.

GOLD CREEK Galloway Stud located near Eumundi on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia. Click to email us.

Some of Our GOLD CREEK Galloway 'Baby' Photos Taken from 2011 - 2014

Miniature  White  Galloway  cattle  are  more  Environmentally  Friendly  than  most 

Very few cattle can keep your paddocks looking as good and performing as well, as our small White Galloway cattle do. It is not just their docile nature and characteristic good looks that place the Miniature White Galloway as the stand out small beef breed. Their environmental credentials are turning a lot of heads now too. Small acreage owners and people on lifestyle properties are better educated and more environmentally savvy than ever before. They are keen to look after the environment and they are making informed decisions about how to best manage and enjoy their land - they are choosing Miniature Galloways.

Our small White Galloway cattle are proving to be the smart choice because they are: 

green tick enviro Non-selective grazers that forage or browse rather than graze - better biodiversity. 

green tick enviro  Smaller cattle with lower impact - less pugging, less wear and tear. 

green tick enviro  Able to do well on marginal land - less expensive to maintain.

green tick enviro  Able to finish on grass - no need for expensive grain.

green tick enviro  Double coated - use less feed to keep warm.

Miniature Galloway cattle are proving themselves to be the ideal cattle for all of these reasons and then some. Our small White Galloways are ticking a lot of green boxes and they still manage to look good doing it! 

GOLD CREEK Galloway  Stud located near Eumundi on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia. Click to email us.