GOLD CREEK Galloway Stud  ~   Located  in  HISTORIC  BRAIDWOOD Southern NSW

                                                                                                      ~   STUD OWNERS: PAMELA ROBINSON  &  SUZANNE BAKER

Limited Edition Mascots

Limited Edition Banjo & Huggie

Our beautiful limited edition, custom plush Banjo and Huggie mascots are our pride and joy. You can purchase either one for  To buy Huggie now. To buy Banjo now. You can purchase either one with an adoption for $50.00. Or you can buy them both for $50.00 (postage within Australia included). 

Yes, we do send them overseas. We just ask that you include an extra $15.00 to cover the extra postage.

The Cute Factor

Our Miniature White Galloway calves are so incredibly cute we wanted to make sure we captured that when we had our mascots made. We wanted our Cuddle Calf mascots to look like they want nothing more than to be cuddled. It took some time but we think we got it just right!

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Limited Edition Custom Plush Banjo: Banjo is a Miniature White Galloway bull calf with black points. The 'points' are his ears, eyes, nose and hooves. Banjo's front legs are specially designed to cuddle things

Banjo has his very own email address stamped on his hoof. The email enables the new owners of this little cuddler to email the Cuddle Cow Carers anytime they have questions about Banjo.

Sometimes, people just have something they would like us to share with everyone online.


Huggie FB


Limited Edition Custom Plush Huggie: Huggie is a Miniature White Galloway heifer calf with red points. The 'points' are her ears, eyes, nose and hooves.

Huggie has her very own email address stamped on her hoof too. This enables the new owners of this little plush to email the Cuddle Cow Carers anytime they have questions  about Huggie or something they would like to share with everyone online.


Farm Animal Shelters & Sanctuaries

The purchase of Banjo and Huggie mascots not only make adoptions super special, they also support farm animals not as fortunate as ours. Profits from adoptions now go to farm animal shelters, sanctuaries and rescue organisations in Australia.

Limited Editions

We had Huggie and Banjo designed and custom made by a wonderful company in Australia. We spent months working on getting the design just right.

There was a very limited number of these gorgeous calves made and we believe every single one is precious. You never know, they even might become a collector item!

Real Banjo & Huggie

The Banjo and Huggie namesakes live a very peaceful life at the GOLD CREEK Miniature White Galloway stud. Huggie has grown up now and has had her first calf. Banjo is not quite fully grown up yet, but he has already embarked on his first season as a working bull. Huggie was, the most gorgeous, calf when she was born and she is most definitely a Cuddle Cow now. Huggie is gentle and kind and wins the hearts of all who come to visit. Her calf Kismet is well on the way to following in her Mum's footsteps.

Banjo takes after his Dad Mojo and his Mum Cuddles. He is strong and gentle. Banjo will put lots of little Cuddle Calves in our paddocks over the next few years.

Miniature White Galloway Cattle

The Miniature White Galloway cows and calves that we train to be Cuddle Cows are usually white. They are most commonly white with black points (like Banjo). The 'points' are the ears, nose, eyes and hooves of these miniature cattle. Some are born with dun or red points (like Huggie) and some are born with red points.

One in four are born all black and some are born all white (like Matilda). They are all classed as Miniature White Galloways. On our farm, they all have an extremely good chance of becoming what we call 'Cuddle Cows'.

We know that our cows that we have trained to make people's lives better are cows that are living better lives.

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