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The News At Gold Creek Galloways 2013

Catching  Up  On  all  the  Good  News  At  Gold  Creek  Galloway  Stud

November: More calves - busy month. Purebred white heifer calf  on 24 Sunday and full blood bull calf black 25 Monday.

 Chuccas calf one day old

Echuca's calf - one day old and she has eyelashes to die for. Cuddles is a grandmother again.

Our new website for kids  now has a facebook page:facebook Please take stroll along our timeline for lots of photos and anti-bullying information. If you like the page 'like' us please.

November: Two bull calves this month. One full blood black bull to two white parents. One purebred white bull to a black purebred cow and our White full blood bull Nemo.

Velvet bull claf

Velvet's little fellow drying out after the hail storm - not bothered by the whole uproar.

September 2013: At last some more calves and some down time for a bit of fun.

The cattle are all shedding in preparation for Summer and we have had plenty of volunteers to give them a brush to help the process along. You never know what teenage girls are going to get up to when you introduce them to cattle with long hair though. Check out what Rachael and Leigh-Anne did to Tessa our pure bred Miniature White Galloway cow.


Check out the hair do! Next thing you know we will have to take 'product' into the paddock for the cows.

Tessa actually enjoyed all the 'me time' with the girls. Tessa has a six month old calf now so she was happy to be the centre of attention for a little while. (You know how it is for new Mums, they never get a moment to themselves!)

September 2013:  Mrs Mac calved on 21 Saturday. The remanent rainforest seems to be the birthing chamber of choice now. (It is cool and protected.)


Mrs Mac and her little full blood bull calf in the rainforest 'birthing chamber' on Saturday.

September 2013: Misty (the princess of Eerwah Vale - our first born) had a little full blood bull calf yesterday. He was only a day old when she first started marching him up and down the gully. Misty is a very no nonsense kind of 'Mum'.

August 2013: A lot of things going in our favour this month and we couldn't be happier. We helped celebrate a 90th birthday and had time away from the property. Always good to get back home though.

July 2013: Sunshine and happy cattle - life is good on the Sunshine Coast. There are two beautiful new stud breeding cows settling in with their little bull calves now and we couldn't be happier. Our bull went in with the newbies today and our young heifers all went back to the herd - everyone is happy. Looking forward to some colder nights so we will have at least half an excuse to light the fire - who doesn't love a good fire.

June 2013: Our three little graded heifers are 'coming of age'. TwoDee and Huggie are both two years old now and Tuppence is nearly there. Still small and still sweet. We expect that they will be in calf by the end of the year and that we will see our first 'born and bred' GOLD CREEK purebred calves from our grading up program.


TwoDee - one 'D' for her 'Dad' GOLD CREEK Dougal and one 'D' for her 'Mum' Dusty, that adds up to 2 'D's  - TwoDee. She is one of our favourite paddock smoochers - always up for a love in.


Huggie - Dougal is also her 'Dad' but her 'Mum' is Cuddles. Huggie is also two years old and will be calving next year.

May 2013: Our AAT (Animal Assisted Therapy)  training is in full swing now. Late last year we started preparing our smaller Galloway Influenced cattle to work with therapists wanting AAT co workers. Now our full blood Miniature White Galloway cattle are wanting to show us they can do this too. Not all people in wheelchairs are able to enjoy the freedom of riding horses, but they can certainly enjoy bonding with our cattle. It was fascinating to watch the interaction when we introduced our cows to another new concept - a young man on wheels. 

We started Rodney off with saying hello to little TwoDee (TwoDee only came half way up Rod's shoulder). Rod didn't feel at all intimidated by the little heifer.


Rod is saying hello to a cow up close and personal for the first time. Dusty is not fazed by the wheelchair.

When we progressed to TwoDee's Mum, a full grown full blood cow, Rod wasn't quite so convinced but it only took moments to be reassured that all was well. Five minutes later they were firm friends. Dusty seemed to intuitively understand that she shouldn't lean too close to Rodney or the wheel chair. Generally, when we brush her Dusty will lean right into us, but she didn't do this to Rodney. 


Rodney gives Dusty a very tentative brush. He has never been in a paddock full of cows before.


Dusty letting Rodney know that she likes his brushing technique and that she's cool with his wheels.


Rodney is looking pretty pleased with the new friendship. Dusty is very relaxed and enjoying the company.


Early May: We are off to a great start. Our beautiful Galloway influenced cow Dimity had a little heifer calf. We have video footage for you on Cow Cam. Then we started getting visitors of all shapes and sizes.


GOLD CREEK Galloway miniature cattle love nothing more than a paddock full of kids with brushes.


It is always hard to know who enjoys the contact the most - the kids or the miniature cattle.

April 2013: This month is shaping up to be very interesting. We have some interesting things going on in the paddocks so stay tuned to see  what our peace loving pasture management team (the cows) will be doing next. This month we decided to use our video surveillance equipment to bring you some of the day to day news at GOLD CREEK. Check out Cow Cam if you want a close up look in our paddocks

Late March 2013: Surprise surprise. Look what Tessa has been hiding in the long grass! We suspect this little bull calf was a day old before we saw him. First time 'Mum' pure bred heifer/now cow Tessa kept his birth very much to herself. She must have been back with the herd, with him safely tucked away, within hours of giving birth.


A good little bull calf laying in the grass  - out of harms way. Can you believe those eyelashes!?


Tessa giving TJ a little love up to get him to have a feed. Notice the new fly collar on Tessa.

Early March 2013: The weather is agreeable and the cattle are all fat and happy. We have two teenage students learning everything they can about our gorgeous Galloway cattle at the moment. It is always interesting to see the interaction. One girl was casually brushing a hairy rump and asking, ' Where's the bull?'  I looked and looked ... then I realised it was the bull that she was actually brushing. She didn't know what to do for a moment and then decided to relax and continued brushing the bull.

February 2013:  A good time of the year to meet great new people and introduce them to the joys of owning these gorgeous little white Galloways. First timers love the opportunity to get up close and personal with the cattle. Some of our recent visitors were keen to really get hands on. They didn't want to pass up a chance to 'learn the ropes' while they were here. So, out with the halters and our cattle were only too happy to teach people about halter training and grooming.


Huggie puts her head to one side and says,"OK Geoff just scratch me here and we will be on our way".


Geoff and Huggie are a real team and show us how easy this 'walk on' caper can be.


Tamara says, "stand". TwoDee says. "Sure, but  photograph this profile please, I look much better."


Tamarra and TwoDee are really enjoying a bit of teamwork and are leading very well too.

Early February: OK so we wanted some rain, but that was just plain ridiculous!! The whole eastern  coastline of Australia has been flooded. We are very fortunate our property in well placed and well drained. No flooding problems what so ever here. Of course the winds knocked over a few old trees but that was it really. Trees down elsewhere meant we had no power for three days, but life is good. When people everywhere have lost everything we are happy to clean up a few fallen branches.

January 2013: Finally... the rain has come. Who'd have thought we'd be actually wanting rain?! We have a couple calves who are months old and had not experienced a tropical downpour until today.

We also have cattle putting on too much weight. Yes, we have three little heifers who have been in a Weight Watchers paddock for months now. Have they slimmed down any? No. Apparently they only need to look at grass or watch others eating hay and they get fat. This is all well and good, but we would actually like them to get pregnant in a few months. Maybe it is just that they are extra close to the ground, so they just look fat. Who knows ... one of life's mysteries.

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