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Cattle Clobber Collars


When it comes breeding small cattle in small numbers we are always looking for new ways of doing things. The less invasive a solution to any problem is, the better we like it. When it comes to putting holes in our cow's ears we will always avoid it if we can. To prevent buffalo flies becoming a problem without putting holes in the ear posed a real dilemma for us. We had seen cattle wearing collars before and wondered if we could attach an ear tag to the collar. So we rang the good people at Cattle Clobber and drove down for a cup of chai tea and a chat - often the best way to solve a problem.


Dusty and her calf TwoDee modelling their new 'Fly Buster' collars. You can't even see the tags.

After speaking with Melissa and Rob at Cattle Clobber problem solved. Melissa showed us some of her Dexter cattle with a collar and a tag. No flies - no problems. Of course, we had to trial different techniques of attaching the tag to said collar ourselves. And of course, we have now settled on the technique that Melissa showed us originally.

When you see photos of our cattle wearing a purple collar with a tag attached you will know they are not being bothered by flies. You will also know they have one less hole in their ear. How good is that? 


This is an upside for having a small herd on small acreage. Putting collars on large herds of cattle that are out of site and out of mind for extended periods is not a viable option. We are always mindful to monitor the cattle regularly when they have collars on. We only send them into clean paddocks where there is little chance of the collar causing problems getting caught on anything.


Yes, we have colour co ordinated everything. We do love it when the 'girls' look good.

Go to:  Or to talk to Melissa Phone: 07 5478 8898 

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GOLD CREEK Stud - three minutes from the Heritage town of Braidwood Southern NSW Australia. 

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