GOLD CREEK Galloway Stud  ~   Located  in  HISTORIC  BRAIDWOOD Southern NSW

                                                                                                      ~   STUD OWNERS: PAMELA ROBINSON  &  SUZANNE BAKER

GOLD CREEK Buyer Information

Buying livestock from anyone for the first time is a huge undertaking for first timers and old hands alike. We understand this, and we are willing to help people in any way we can. Selling cattle is not our first priority - we are not interested in giving anybody the 'hard sell' routine.

Our First Priority

Our first priority, when we offer Galloway cattle for sale, is to place our cattle into what we hope to be ideal situations. Ideal situations - great people in good locations. To date, we believe our success rate to be 100%. 

We breed these cattle for the sheer pleasure of it. We also simply enjoy promoting this amazing breed. Therefore, we are more than happy to help introduce these cattle to as many people as possible. 

Buying Cattle for the First Time?

Please read Calves as Pets and Caring For Miniature Cattle if you want to know a little about what is involved in keeping miniature cattle as pets.

If you are not quite ready to buy we encourage you to visit as many different cattle properties as possible and get feel for what best suits your needs.


A purebred, a full blood or a graded Miniature Galloway may suit your needs. Weigh up your options.

Buying Cattle From Interstate - Please Note 

If you live in Queensland and are thinking about buying cattle from interstate (from tick free areas) please be aware that you will need to take preventative measures to protect these new cattle from the cattle ticks in Queensland, Tick Fever and paralysis ticks. Go to Caring For Miniature Cattle to find out more.

If you live somewhere other than Queensland, please try to find a breeder closer to you first. There are great miniature Galloway breeders in all the eastern states and now in South Australia too. Transporting cattle long distances really is not ideal for the well-being of the cattle or your bank balance.

Buying Seriously Quiet Cattle

If you are particularly wanting to buy seriously quiet cattle and you would like some tips on questions to ask and what to look for go to Our Seriously Quiet Cattle.


Buyers at GOLD CREEK Galloways are invited to walk in and handle every single member of our herd.

Contact Us: Use the Contact Us button to make initial enquiries about the miniature cattle of interest to you. If you provide us with a home contact number, in your email, we can phone you at a nominated time and answer all your questions.

We do not expect anyone to buy miniature cattle they haven't seen, from people they haven't met. Please make arrangements to inspect our miniature cattle and to meet us in person. If you wish to visit our stud, please go to Cattle Stud Visits for further details and other important information. 

Conditions of Sale: Selling our cattle is not our first priority. We do not sell our miniature cattle unless we are 100% certain they are going to a place where they will be well looked after and given a 'fair go'. Our first priority is finding our cattle really, really, good homes. See Fair Go Farms for details.

Pick Up & Delivery: Our miniatures will walk on and off your horse float or stock trailer no fuss (usually - there are the occasional embarrassing moments). 

To Avoid Disappointment

Please, Please, Please Note: Our miniature cattle are not withdrawn from sale until we have a holding deposit - no exceptions. We understand that you will want to 'shop around' - we prefer that you do. But, we will not withdraw our cattle from sale for more than two days on your, "I will get back to you" assurance. 

Buyers have 48 hours from the day of inspection to make a deposit. Unfortunately, limited numbers and incredible demand have made this very necessary. Buyers also need to be aware that, although we are able to give people very individual attention, it would be unusual for us to be communicating with just one interested party at any one time. The 48-hour deadline is to protect you from missing out - not us. There are always more buyers than there are white miniature cattle for sale.  

GOLD CREEK Galloway Stud - three minutes from the heritage town of Historic Braidwood

Southern NSW Australia

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